Bruce and Connie enrolled in Launch and Grow Your Business, a ten week course that guides entrepreneurs through the essentials of starting a business, from business plan to customer discovery. Bruce was voted Most Likely to Succeed by their classmates. Bruce and Connie also completed the Start-Up Factory program offered by Iowa State University, an intensive 26 week course that connected them with business experts and mentors. Connie says, “We gained a lot of insight from these programs. The customer discovery process was amazing. We talked to so many people and learned so many things.”

Bruce and Connie worked with the North Iowa Area SBDC and NIACC Pappajohn Center, as well. “Brook Boehmler [NIA SBDC Regional Director] has been overwhelmingly helpful to us,” Connie said. “If we call him or email him, he’s on it.” Working with the Goddards, Brook Boehmler says, “has been very exciting. Bruce and Connie are passionate about what they do and about sharing this invention to help other farmers. Over the last few years, they’ve worked tirelessly to bring their dream to a reality.”

Good news for the Bale Storm Processor continues to spread. Bruce was named a finalist for the Innovation Award at the October 2018 NIACC Pappajohn Center Entrepreneur Gala. Wallaces Farmer featured the Bale Storm Processor in a profile published in November 2018. In the summer of 2019, Bruce and Connie signed a licensing agreement with Kelly Ryan Equipment to manufacture and distribute the Bale Storm Processor. As dedicated entrepreneurs, however, Bruce and Connie aren’t taking a break. They’re always looking to the future, devising new ways to improve their equipment, and focusing on their core values: creating innovative, safe, efficient, and functional ways to help their fellow farmers.

To learn more about the Bale Storm Processor, visit their website at